Don't Let the "FROST, BITE"

 into your Profits This Year!

Frost Stoppa 1000 – Portable 5 Meters High

Frost Stoppa 2000 – Electric 9 Meters High


Low Noise, Low Cost, Frost Protection

Frost Protection for all types of Fruit Tree’s, Vines, Flowers & Vegtable Crops


Frost Stoppa (Seara) 1000 Portable PTO 1– 3 Hectares
Frost Stoppa (Seara) 2000 Permanent Electric 1– 4 Hectare

Australian Patented Design
Application No 003266798

New Patented Frost Machines Saves Horticultural Crops in New Zealand

Only last season Tatura Engineering secured the Australian, manufacture and distribution rights of the New Zealand designed Seara Frost Stoppa Wind Machines which are patented in Australia and New Zealand. These machines use the same proven principal as the larger conventional frost machines, the phenomenon called the inversion layer to provide frost protection. Heat stored in the soil is lost by radiation during the night; wind machines draw that warm air back down from the inversion layer and mix it with the colder air surrounding the soil and trees. Conventional frost machines can protect up to 15 acres depending on contour. The Frost Stoppa was not designed to compete with them. They are for a small orchard, vineyard block, nurseries and the low patch that gets affected in an undulating site or the corner that an existing larger machine does not reach. They can be used for kiwifruit, grapes, apples, stone fruit, avocados, flowers and frost sensitive vegetables.

The Frost Stoppa Seara 1000 is a portable 3 point linkage that can protect up to 5 acres depending on contour, it has hinged mast machine that hydraulically raises to 5 meters above the ground and driven by the PTO of a 50 to 70hp tractor at low engine revs and delivers discernible air movement in a 70m radius with latent air occurring up to 90m in radius. No permit is required for this machine. A mobile phone frost alarm is also available.

A larger fixed location 9m high model Frost Stoppa Seara 2000 is driven with a 25hp variable speed, soft start electric motor. It can protect up to 6 acres depending on contour and delivers discernible air movement in a 120m radius with latent air movement occurring up to 150m radius. It is fully equipped with auto start and stop controlled by a temperature sensor.

Both Frost Stoppa machines have a 6 bladed hovercraft type propeller located inside a large 90 degree duct at the top of the machine. Warmer inversion layer air is drawn from directly above, pumped into the 90 degree duct and is delivered in a horizontal direction into the crop zone. The duct rotates about 1 turn every 4 minutes. They are Ideal for a noise sensitive area as they operate much quieter than the larger conventional machines.

Will a Wind Machine Protect My Crop?

Before investing in a wind machine it is worthwhile doing some practical research to check if your location is suitable. Anyone seeking more information or wishing to reserve a machine to avoid disappointment can call Alex Carter on 0408 241 998.


Tat-Eng Manufactured Frost Stoppa 1000



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