Don't Let the "FROST, BITE"

into your Profits This Year!

Frost Stoppa 1000 Portable 6.7 Meters High


Low Noise, Low Cost, Frost Protection Frost Protection for all types of Fruit Tree’s, Vines, Flowers & Vegetable Crops
Frost Stoppa Tree Portable PTO 1– 3 Hectare
Australian Patented Design
Application No 003266798

Patented Anti - Frost Machines manufactured in Australia saves Horticultural Crops This wind machine is a unique in design. It uses a multiple,
variable pitch hovercraft propeller mounted horizontally in an “L” shaped duct which draws air down from the warmer “inversion layer” from above and distributes it horizontally into
the crop zone operating through a 360 degree rotation every 3 to 4 minutes.
The air duct delivers discernible air movement in a 70m radius with latent air occurring up to 90m in radius.
This portable Tractor Driven model needs approximately 30-40HP @ 340 PTO revs to operate the fan speed @ 1400 rpm.
This is obtainable from most 60 to 70hp tractor engine running just above idle, usually between 1200 and 1600rpm.
These machines provide a cost-effective option for a specific “cold prone” location; This Tree model has a 6.7m high mast
that hydraulically folds for easy transport and storage.
This unit designed to protect between 1 and 3 hectares, depending on contour can be used for kiwifruit, grapes, apples,
stone fruit, avocados, flowers and being portable is suitable for rotational outdoor vegetable crops like tomatoes etc. No permit
is required; the shrouded propeller provides maximum use of air and is almost noiseless, substantially lower noise levels than conventional units.
Tatura Engineering, well known for quality built agricultural, horticultural & viticultural machinery has secured the
Australian, manufacture and distribution rights, for these wind machines which are patented in Australia and New Zealand.
Millions of dollars in losses to viticultural & horticultural crops have occurred across many regions of Victoria and NSW caused by frost.
Anyone seeking more information or wishing to reserve a machine to avoid disappointment can call Alex Carter on 0408 241 998.


Tat-Eng Manufactured Frost Stoppa 1000



To avoid disappointment, please confirm your order Early to allow sufficient time for your machine to be manufactured and delivered prior to the Spring Frost Period.

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