The Falcon is ready to Fly 24-12-01
Suitable for 1,2.3&4 row cover or Lock Out Netting.
The Net-Master Falcon is designed to bolt onto a Tractor Linkage
Carry All and replace existing manual net rigs,
such as a wool bale, pole and basket ball ring.
Hydraulic motor does all the Hard Work for you.
Gravity Net Tensioner for deploy and pickup.
Simply hinge pole down to change rig.
Adjustable telecopic hydraulic valve mount.
Extend telescopic pole to operating height.
Simply walk poles up to vertical and lock.
Super sensitive power control knob.
Two row gathering loop shown.
Lock plates and safety pin shown.
Frame Width = 850mm.
For Single row and Three row Netting
Simply slew the Falcon around on the Carry All
to line up with the direction of the row
and bolt down through the frame end holes.
Recovering Single row Netting
One Row Net Gather Bar Shown
Recovering 2 and 3 Row Netting
Two and Three Row Gather Loop Shown
Recovering 4 Row and Lock Out Net
4 Row and Lock Out Net Gather Loop Shown
NOTE:- Tension Control Disengaged
NOTE:- Tension Control Engaged
NOTE:- Tension Control Working
Gravity tensioner net keeper automatically adjusts as
the net tug changes during recovery and deploy of nets.
Optional Person Carrier Shown
NOTE:- Control can be relocated to the rear
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