Net-Master Eagle

The proven TatEng method of gentle net gathering, allows for cane removal when recovering nets. (Traditional methods of bunching lock cane into nets. When nets are spread the following season damage can occur.) Hydraulically raised rotating arms support a net spreading bow which also keeps nets clear of tractor exhaust or fork mast. A variety of net spreading bows to suit your application 1, 2, 3 4 5 & 6 or total roof cover, they drop and pick up your nets from outside the vine line. Sensitive hydraulic control, automatic stalling of the reel if nets become snagged. Easy carry and storage of nets. Large roll capacity, standard 6000 square meters = 20 meter x 300 meter roll. Larger board option available for bigger, heavier nets. THESE FEATURES DRAMATICALLY PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT IN NETS.

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